The Cover is Ready!

I am so excited to show you the cover for Star Riders!  I’m still on track getting everything in place on Amazon for Friday’s launch, but thought you’d like an advance look at the cover.  Isn’t that awesome!

And the thanks goes to my awesome graphics artist, who just happens to be my daughter, Caitlin Auyer. She did a fantastic job!

I’ve also finalized the blurb, which will appear on the Amazon page, and on the back cover of the paperback version (which is looking more and more like it will be ready this weekend, too – but not free like the e-book).  Here it is:

A mysterious alien artifact beckons…

A peaceful community of planets shattered…

When astrophysicist Bacary Swift arrived at Earth’s first colony mission outside the solar system, he expected to be studying a new star up close. He didn’t expect to discover his brother Matt missing and presumed dead, or an enormous alien construct endangering the colony.
Soon, he finds himself transported light-years away to the midst of an alien civil war. There he must hop unarmed from planet to planet, pursued by ruthless aliens with little regard for life.
Can Bacary weave his way through the aliens’ bewildering politics, intrigue, and betrayal to rescue Matt and find a way home?

Star Riders is an edge-of your-seat galactic adventure not to be missed!

Four more days….

Author: RickAAllenSF

Semi-retired engineer, now a SF author. Recently moved to Colorado Springs, where I work in front of a window looking out at Pikes Peak.

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