The Star Rider series, by Rick A. Allen

Book 0:
The Worth of a World

Book 1:
Star Riders

Book 2:
The Rogue of Sevado

Praise for the Star Riders series

Every page is loaded with action.
It’s a space opera’s space opera.

Rick Ohlarik, RicksReviews

Held me captivated from the beginning to the end. The author has the rare writing talent to be able to provide a lot of detail on the aliens races/worlds without overpowering the story.

Amazon reviewer

Everything a good Science Fiction tale should be. It is highly imaginative, thoughtful and well crafted. The science is futuristic and yet plausible.

Amazon reviewer

A wonderfully written adventure: gripping, witty and fun

Goodreads reviewer

The Star Riders are awesome!
The Worth of a World is a wonderful springboard into the Nodal Community of worlds that provides the arena for the Star Rider series.
The writing is clean and flows easily, the mark of natural talent and good editing. The intelligent races depicted are enormously original and refreshing.

Erin MacMichael, RealityRaiders