Paperback version is on track!

Everything’s on track to get the paperback version onto Amazon this Friday.  The e-book version has been done and verified by Amazon, so that’s a definite. But I heard from many of you that you don’t like e-readers, and you want the hard copy.

So I pressed forward, and my wonderful graphics artist re-worked the cover for the paperback.  That involved resizing it for a higher resolution (300 DPI), and creating the back cover and spine.  She did it while on an airplane!

Amazon does make the process as easy as they can, but there are several steps I didn’t anticipate, and they do some kind of review for content (apparently to make sure I’m not stealing someone else’s content).  That caused a few delays, which is why I didn’t think I’d have this ready for sale on the same day I launched the e-book.  But it’s coming together!  I should get a proof copy tomorrow to review, and if everything looks like it did online, I’ll release it for sale on Friday with the e-book.

So on Friday, the e-book will be free until July 1, and then the price gets set at $3.99.  The paperback will be $11.99 (sorry, I can’t do that one for free. Electrons are free, but paper ink doesn’t grow on trees).

Author: RickAAllenSF

Semi-retired engineer, now a SF author. Recently moved to Colorado Springs, where I work in front of a window looking out at Pikes Peak.

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