Update on the novel

Sorry I haven’t posted anything on here in several weeks; I had planned to do at least one blog post per week. I’ve been busy on the rewrite, which is close to halfway finished. I’m planning on getting it ready for Beta readers right after New Year’s, and then after I incorporate their feedback, I’ll send it to a professional editor to help me get it ready for Amazon. Continue reading “Update on the novel”

So what’s Space Opera anyway?

Isn’t that just a bunch of Klingons singing about honor and their love of bat’leths?

My novel fits neatly into the Science Fiction subcategory of Space Opera. No, don’t worry, there’s nobody singing in alien languages (although there is a dance show in one scene…). ¬†For now, I’ll say that Space Opera refers to tales of galaxy-spanning civilizations, the most obvious screen examples being Star Wars and Star Trek.

Continue reading “So what’s Space Opera anyway?”

It always comes down to a fistfight

Have you ever noticed that in many sci-fi movies and TV shows, the final resolution between the hero and the villain is almost always some form of fistfight? We can have all these great space battles and high-tech weapons, but when it comes right down to it, Captain Kirk usually defeated his foe with his bare knuckles Continue reading “It always comes down to a fistfight”

Problem: How to get to another star

So if you’re going to write a story about traveling to other stars and meeting aliens and all that, you have to decide how you’re going to do that: either accept that you can’t go faster than the speed of light and that you’ll need to take a long time to get there, or come up with a way to defy physics. Continue reading “Problem: How to get to another star”