A Tribute to My Teacher

One of the more significant people who encouraged me to write was my 12th-grade English teacher, Mrs. Barmasse.  She taught Advanced English at my alma mater, Lewiston-Porter High School, which was accepted in lieu of Freshman English at Syracuse University (those were the days before AP classes). They don’t let just anybody teach those kind of classes, so you know Mrs. B was the cream of the crop. Continue reading “A Tribute to My Teacher”

Beta-Read starts this week!

Do you want to get a free copy of my new Sci-Fi novel, Star Riders, to read and review? Now’s the time to let me know by email.

As of today, I am 75% done with the final sweep through the revised version, and I fully expect to be ready by Wednesday (possibly Tuesday!) to send out the pre-publication version for volunteer Beta-readers to read and critique. Continue reading “Beta-Read starts this week!”

Novel Status Update – January 8

In my last post, I said that I was crunching along on the rewrite, and anticipating my first bits of reader feedback. I actually only received one of those three anticipated feedbacks, the one from my weekly Writers’ Group. I had asked them to read my prologue and the first chapter, and they really gave me some great feedback. Continue reading “Novel Status Update – January 8”

Update on the novel

Sorry I haven’t posted anything on here in several weeks; I had planned to do at least one blog post per week. I’ve been busy on the rewrite, which is close to halfway finished. I’m planning on getting it ready for Beta readers right after New Year’s, and then after I incorporate their feedback, I’ll send it to a professional editor to help me get it ready for Amazon. Continue reading “Update on the novel”